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About us

Janine Taylor

Tailored Recruitment UK Ltd are a one stop solution agency who provide Contract,Permanent and Temping Staffing Services to all businesses within the UK

We are two independent agencies that work close together, based in Old Harlow and also the City, that can offer you a lot more than the larger organisations, and the reason for this is, we always manage to meet every single candidate before we send to interviews and fully register them - how do we do this if the candidates are based up North, Easy we offer SKYPE new video technology - It is a fantastic way to assure you our client that we have met this person and spent quality time with them, not just a c.v matching call service.

Also this gives our candidates reassurance of who we are, and this helps us gain their trust and also grow a excellent relationship with every single person that comes on our books

  • We boast over 20 years of recruitment industry experience but also employ industrial sector and commercial sector specialists.
  • Personalised Service
  • We are an Independent Agency and therefore are not restricted to any particular sector of work or area.
  • Directors personally manage our portfolio of clients and candidates, so you have that added reassurance.
  • We are 100% committed to each and every client.
  • We attribute our growth in the ability to establish and grow long term co-operative partnerships based on excellence or service, as measured by improved productivity and output.

    What We Offer:

    • Qualified and experienced candidates who are fully referenced checked (if requested by you our client) Our candidates are properly briefed and always prepared to do what it takes to finish the job to the highest standard. All our candidates ID's are checked and their eligibility to work in the UK is ensured by scanning passports and work permits. All our candidates have permanent NI numbers which are also kept on file. We treat all our staff as we would like to be treated ourselves, we feel that this builds a strong relationship and encourages a sense of loyalty throughout the team; this in turn is passed on to our clients and their customers.
    • An all round quality of service that is second to none.
    • Open five days a week and you can contact us any time early mornings till 8.30pm.
    • Many other agencies claim to have a 24 hour service but, when you call their out of hours number you are connected to a remote call centre miles away from your site, which in turn lacks the relevant familiarity with your operational needs.
    • Our service is manned by the actual staff you deal with on a day to day basis, this ensures continuity and guarantees a consistent level of service whenever you call.

    Objectives we are looking to complete:

    Our objective is to meet with the local businesses in order to gain an understanding of your environment and establish whether Tailored Recruitment, could provide you with a valuable service in the future.

    We work with and for you to ensure we have a full understanding of all your needs and requirements. Our Directors personally manage our portfolio of clients and candidates so that you have the added reassurance, security and peace of mind that you will have the same dedicated person time after time, who will gain an understanding of your long term plans and can work with you to help you achieve them.

    The team at Tailored Recruitment UK Ltd are experienced at recruiting for both general office staff and specialist professional roles, which includes contract and permanent staff. I would welcome the opportunity to discuss a tailored recruitment package to suit your company’s individual needs.