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Our philosophy: Love work, Love life with Tailored Recruitment. Tailored Recruitment ONE STOP SOLUTION AGENCY WHO SPECIALISE IN TAILORING FOR ALL YOUR RECRUITMENT NEEDS within the UK. we aim to fulfill and exceed the expectations of all of our clients. We aim to work with and for you, on any of your Permanent or Contract short or long term. We value the working relationships we build with our clients, as it is our aim to offer a complete recruitment solution time and time again from start to finish.

Director "I have over 20 year’s recruitment experience, where I have worked for well known agencies/organisations".

"I come from a strong background of Customer Services, Team Management, and Sales. Throughout my working experience I have liaised with clients at all levels and know how important it is to build an excellent working relationship, to listen to communicate to understand what is important to each and every person.

So I would just like to thank all my existing clients for supporting us over the last few years, and look forward to growing in the near future."

A WARM WELCOME TO Care First Recruitment Ltd who specialist in all Temping areas all over the UK. We have now joined together with Tailored Recruitment UK Ltd - to work closely with our clients to offer the best services for temping and permanent staff. We are also a lot different to the other agencies within the market and the reason being is because we can offer either face to face registration or SKYPE AND FULLY REGISTER EVERY SINGLE CANDIDATE - so you as our client know that we are meeting our candidates via video,as good as if they were sitting in our office,so this is our way to conduct a first stage interview - this is mainly for candidates that can not get out of work to register, or they live too far away.

We spend that quality time with each and every one, and can therefore recommend the most suitable people, as we will have built up a relationship with them getting to know their likes, dislikes and career aspirations. Reason for gaps if any, why they left their positions etc. We view this registration as having conducted their first stage interview. Once all this is done, we send over their C.V’s and profile to you, then arrange interviews with you. We check for eligibility to work within the UK and also if required by you, we can provide up to between two to five year references for each and every candidate you see. We will look after you from start to finish. At the point of accepting a vacancy from you, we will take a full and detailed job description, ensuring we explore the finer details of the vacancy and the person who would most suit your role and complement your company. We will also arrange a mutually convenient time to visit you at your offices in order to gain a full understanding of the working environment and the team culture.

We will agree a way forward and ascertain how you would like us to manager your vacancy for you. We will agree a plan of action, to ensure we manage all of your expectations making the recruitment process smooth and stress free.

What We Offer:

Qualified and experienced candidates. Our candidates are properly briefed about the vacancy and interview details, the rest is up to them. We look after our candidates and you our client, from the start to the finish so basically, from receiving the vacancy up until the end of 10 weeks you have our full consultancy attention. If you our client want our permanent or temping candidates to be referenced by us, we can provide this to you also with no extra cost.

We offer a personalized Aptitude Testing to your needs from: Excel, Word, Spelling, Punctuation, and Numerical - graphs and tables and Typing Test.

The team at Tailored Recruitment UK Ltd are experienced at recruiting for both general office staff and specialist professional roles, basically for most industries for both contract and permanent staff.

We are also contactable on our mobiles after office hours.