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Candidate FAQs

Successful interview

At Tailored Recruitment UK Ltd we are more than happy to help our candidates in taking the next step in their career, and find that perfect job If you would like some expert career advice, get in touch with us and we will be happy to help. Meanwhile we are happy to share some of our favourite hints and tips, to get you started. Are you ready to take the next step? Most of us have considered changing career or looking for a new job from time to time and more often than not, we don’t do anything about it. If you are ready for a new opportunity, then it is worthwhile taking the time to plan your next move with care: Why use an agency? An agency will have live vacancies and opportunities that hopefully will be of interest to you. Some clients do not advertise in the local press and use an agency to manage their recruitment process therefore sometimes it is your only avenue into a company. An agency will work with you to find you the position most suited to your skill set and can advise you on different paths to take should you wish to transfer your skills to another area of employment? Why use Tailored Recruitment?

We will conduct a full telephone interview with you upon registration to ensure we have a full understanding of your needs and aspirations.

We will interview you face to face prior to you attending any interview so that you have a full understanding of the position and what is expected of you. We will give you interview advice and advice on your CV to ensure it portrays all for your strengths.

We will actively market you out to companies who we know deal with your skill set and sell you in as a prospective employee.

We will ask you to keep in contact with us on a weekly basis to ensure we have the opportunity to update you on any new positions and to see how you are progressing in your job search.

We will give you feedback on all interviews attended.

If we are successful in finding you a suitable position we will keep in touch with you and your new employer for the first few months to ensure you settle in.

Does it cost anything to join your agency?

No, nothing. We do not charge you for joining the agency of for finding you a position. We do however make a charge for any additional services such as writing your CV for you. (Please see our CV writing service).

Do I need a CV?

Yes, a CV is essentially a selling tool. It outlines your skills and experience so that a potential employer can see at a glance if you have the relevant skills and experience for a particular role. It is your chance to present yourself in the best possible way and is your way of ensuring you are selected for interview.

Writing your CV is one of the most important things you will do to increase your prospects of getting the job you want.

Most jobs advertised on the internet or in the local paper will ask for a CV so it is best to have one prepared in advance so you are ready to act at short notice. Most of our clients will also request a CV so it is something we will always ask for on registration.

Again if you are having trouble writing your CV and would prefer us to do it for you please look at our CV writing service for further details on how we could be of help.

Where do I send my CV?

You would attach your CV when you apply for one of our positions or if you just register with us. You will be able to submit your CV once you have completed your registration details. If you do not have an email account you can send your CV directly to Tailored Recruitment, [address...].

What skills do your clients look for?

The majority of our clients are looking for experienced office staff with some degree of computer experience. We will explain all of the requirements within the job description of each position we have on our website so that you can see if the position is suitable and matches your skill set.

How do I register?

You have two options, you can either register via a vacancy you are interested in by selecting the "apply now" button on the vacancy and completing the registration form and attaching your CV or if you do not see anything suitable then you can register via the Candidate registration screen.

Where are the Jobs located?

As we are an independent agency we are not restricted on the area we work in therefore our clients can be anywhere within the UK. Each vacancy listed will have details of the clients location.

How do you arrange interviews?

Before your CV is submitted to any of our clients you will need to have undertaken a full telephone registration with one of your consultants.

Before you attend an interview you will need to have undertaken a full face to face interview with one of our consultants.

Is your service confidential?

Our service is completely confidential. We will only contact you at work with your permission if we need to speak to you urgently. If we do call, we will only leave a personal message as we will always be discreet.

Any Other Questions

Please call us or complete the enquiries form on the "Contact us" page.