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Interview candidate

Paula Callaway — Sales Manager @ Wyse Group

“I have used Tailored Recruitment to recruit for all internal positions”.

Janine responds really quickly which is sometimes completely necessary if we are working to tight deadlines.

I have found in the past with other recruitment consultants you spend quite a lot of time shifting through the paperwork deciphering the good candidates from the bad. This is not the case with Janine and as a result reduces my implementation in the procure drastically, enabling me to do my job.

She is always on hand to answer any queries and has a professional attitude at all times and I would not hesitate to recommend her to any other organisation. Not only have we been using her through Tailored Recruitment since Dec 08 but also at her last agency from November 07 and I plan to continue to use her in the future.

Pamela Smethurst MBA Director of ESCP-EAP European School of Management

“I have known Janine Price for 6.5 years in the capacity as Recruitment Agency provider”.

In 2004 the School tendered for recruitment agency services and Janine Price was introduced to the School as a member of the Blue Arrow recruitment agency who became a preferred supplier to the School. I was impressed by Janine's professionalism and her grasp of the complex needs of our organisation. Whilst at Blue Arrow Janine provided exemplary service to the School. When the School retendered for Recruitment Agency providers in 2006 CTS Recruitment bid to become a supplier and due to the relationship that the School had made with Janine and the competitive offer, became a preferred supplier.

Again Janine provided an excellent service. In 2008 the School tendered for suppliers and I was delighted to find that Janine had started her own company Tailored Recruitment who successfully bid to become a preferred supplier.

As recruitment professional Janine has proved to me that she is diligent in her searches, matching prospective candidates to job roles and has an extremely high level of competency in her job role. Tailored Recruitment provides an effective, efficient and cost conscious service to the School.

They are reactive and proactive in their dealings with the School and have a very high level of professionalism

If you should require any further information please do not hesitate to contact me.

Academia - I have worked with Janine for around 3yrs, and have used Tailored Recruitment’s service to fill a number of roles across the business (including Sales, Accounts, Customer Services etc) and have always found her and her team focused, helpful, accommodating and above all successful in their approach.

They are not like other high street agencies we have used, as a team they really take the time to understand the business and the business needs before presenting a candidate to us.

I look forward to working with Janine of future projects.

Claire Quley
Support Group Manager
Academia Ltd



Having applied for a position being advertised by Tailored Recruitment a few days ago, I was delighted to receive a telephone call from Janine within thirty minutes of completing my application.
Janine was extremely positive and knowledgeable about the position and asked me to provide specific additional information to support my application - which I was more than happy to do.
On completion, she made it clear that she would be forwarding my details - which she did as promised and, also informed me that I could contact her at anytime if I had any queries.

I must say that Janine was very professional, helpful and understanding which sets her apart from a number of agents I have dealt with recently. She responded to each of my messages promptly and kept me 'in the loop' at all times. She answered (directly) each call I made to her and was honest in her dealings with me.

I would add that if just 30% of agents were more like Janine, then a high percentage of the people in my situation at the moment would not feel as frustrated as they do. Even though the outcome for me was disappointing regarding this particular position, the fact that Janine kept me informed at each stage meant that my stress levels were reduced. As far as I am concerned, every agency should operate in this manner.
I would highly recommend Janine's services and Tailored Recruitment to the many people I know who are looking for work at the moment and, to any organisation looking for a good, honest agent to work with.

I will certainly be keeping in touch with Janine as I believe I have found 'one in a million!'

With kindest regards,

I have found Janine to be professional, helpful and pro-active throughout.
Her interpersonal skills are excellent, making me feel like a friend and not a client. Due the to economic climate at present I have found a number of agencies have wasted my time, such as insisting I register first to then inform me they have no vacancies as present. Suggesting roles that do not even slightly match my skills criteria and in one instance I had to contact my agent to ask why I hadn't been put forward for a job I had seen advertised.
Janine has matched my skills to her current vacancies, discussed a realistic 'lowest budget' salary scale and explained each role to me adequately to enable me to decide if I may be suitable. It has been a very stressful time seeking employment after redundancy and Janine has been really supportive throughout.

Please feel free to contact me if you need any further information or wish to discuss this matter further
Kind regards



If you haven't signed up to tailored recruitment do so now!! They helped me find my new job, which I start next week so excited!! Both Janine and Kay have been so helpful throughout the process and both work on a high professional level...moral of this post...they get results and deliver it 110% thank you guys again

Would just like to say a very big thank you to Janine and the girls at tailored recruitment for helping me in finding and successfully getting a new job. I think you are the first recruitment company I have ever come across to be so helpful.